Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hashbag affiliated with Instagram?

No, this website has no affiliation with Instagram. We make it easier for buyers to search and buy from sellers on Instagram.

What can I sell on Hashbag?

Hashbag is a place to sell clothing, furniture, cars, tickets, whatever. It is NOT a place to sell drugs, guns, or anything illegal. If we find posts with these items they will be deleted.

Does it only search Instagram?

For now, yes. We want to eventually add the ability to search other communities as well.

What do I need to sign up as a seller?

To sign up, you need to connect your Instagram account. You will also need to verify your identity by entering your credit card information. We use PCI compliant encryption from Stripe to save your credit card information.

How do I get paid?

Buyers pay you directly via Paypal. In the future, we will offer other payment methods.

How much does this cost me?

Listing your item on Hashbag is free. For each item sold on this site, we charge a flat $0.99 fee to your credit card. You will be invoiced every 2 weeks for your fee balance.

What do I do after I get paid?

This part is all up to you. Send your product to the buyer and be sure to keep in good contact with them so they know you're the best seller ever.

How come I can buy some things on this site and other things I need to go to Instagram and contact the seller?

That seller simply hasn't signed up for our service yet. We still want to show you everything that is marked #forsale on Instagram so it's easier to shop.

"Hashbag" Is that like "hashtag" but you "bag" the item tagged?

You are really smart.

I don't want a photo on here anymore, what can I do?

Simply login and go to your profile page. Choose that photo and hit delete.

I have an issue that isn't covered here. Who can I talk to?

Drop us an email at [email protected]